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by Eleanor Criswell and Alissa Mayer
Criswell & Mayer, LLC #EHS1

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EQUINE HANNA SOMATICS¨ Session 1. An Introduction to Equine Hanna Somatics ¨ (EHS) with Alissa Mayer, EHSE and Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Ed.D. Hands-on natural method of neuromuscular integration that resets resting muscle tone, and returns the body to homeostasis. Guides you through an EHS education session, done with your horse, to enhance bonding, relieve pain & stress associated with chronic muscle tension, improve posture and enhance suppleness. Discover: Sensory Motor Amnesia, the Stretch Reflex, and Pandiculation...habitual postures that interfere with the ability to perform and reduce quality of life. Plus an introduction to Hanna Somatics for humans. Equine Hanna Somatics¨ is safe and beneficial for every horse, at any age or stage of training and development. (DVD, 55-min. color)

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